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Dr Lucia Pozo-Garcia - Consultant Dermatologist 

Dr Pozo-Garcia runs weekly clinics at three private hospitals. Consultations are offered in English or Spanish and are available every Monday pm (1.30-4.00 pm) at BMI City Medical, Cadogan Clinic (9.30-12.30) on Wednesday am, and Friday am (10.00-12.30 am) at The London Independent Hospital. 

Appointments can be requested by e-mail or by phone at your preferred hospital (please see below).

BMI City Medical - Mondays pm 

London Independent Hospital - Fridays am

Cadogan Clinic - Wednesdays am

If you would like to arrange a private dermatology appointment with Dr Pozo-Garcia please contact us:

By e-mail:

By phone:

London Independent Hospital: 020 7780 2400

BMI City Medical: 0845 123 5380

Cadogan Clinic: 020 7901 8500