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Dermoscopy is an important diagnostic technique in pigmented lesions and skin tumours. This section is addressed to all health professionals interested in dermoscopy and its aim is to promote learning and encourage practicing to incorporate it as a routine technique in dermatology.

It comprises several basic modules with dermoscopic pictures and a short legend figure. There is also a pdf document available for further reading.

The initial programme of teaching includes:

1. Introduction to dermoscopy. Local features. Global features: dermoscopic pattern analysis

2. Melanocytic lesions (I): Common naevi, Blue naevi, Spitz/Reeds naevi, congenital naevi, atypical naevi

3. Melanocytic lesions (II): Malignant melanoma. 

4. Melanocytic lesions (III): Special locations: Face, acral and nail lesions

5. Non-melanocytic lesions: Seborrheic keratoses, dermatofibromas, basal cell carcinoma, angiomas, keratinizing tumours.

6. Vascular patterns.

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